Animal (Dog) Bite, claim under personal injuries

Animal Bites especially dog bites are very common in America. You may have heard often about the cases where a neighbor dog or cat has bitten someone mercilessly. But the country does not have a common law for the animal bite to all states. This makes the lawsuit of a dog bite is complicated and it depends on the state wise law. Although the settlement of dog bite depends upon two major issues

  • The responsibilities of the dog owners
  • The magnitude of the injury of the plaintiff and the amount of the compensation he/she has claimed as in the lawsuit.

If you are living in Ontario or nearby location, you must know about the strict liability law around the dog owners and you can contact Personal injury lawyers of Diamond and Diamond Law Firm that are having specialization in the lawsuit of animal bite and the state law regarding the issue.

What are the liabilities of an animal (Dog) Owner?

To establish the liability of a dog bite, the very first step is to determine the ownership of the dog or the animal. Provinces like Ontario where the liability is very strict, it is clearly mentioned that. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Hamilton is a great way to win an animal or dog bit lawsuit.

“The owner of the dog or the animal is responsible of every act of his/her pet regardless of his act to stop the incident of the bite” i.e. whether the pet is dangerous or not or whether the pet owner has the knowledge of his/her pet’s dangerous propensities or not but if his/her pet do any unlawful act, the owner will be directly answerable regardless of his/her innocence for that act.

But if the state has no strict liability law of animal bite, the ball is always in the court of the jury to determine the liability of the owner and the extent of the compensation needed to provide to the plaintiff.

The liability also depends upon the seriousness of the injury of the plaintiff. Normally, in the case of serious injury, the owner of the animal is held liable for the incident and hence has to provide the compensation to the plaintiff regarding his medical expenses and loss of wages and others.

What Plaintiff must do after the animal bite?

The first step after the animal bite should be always to seek an immediate medical help. The animal bite can be hazardous and can cause serious physical damages to the plaintiff. The next step should be to hire a legal expert of an animal bite or to contact a legal firm having specialization in the lawsuit of an animal bite. The personal injury lawyers of Diamond and Diamond Law Firm can be of great help in such cases as they are having a dedicated and expert team of lawyers that are well versed with the state laws regarding animal bite and have taken care of many lawsuits of the same nature. Next step should be to know the details of the owner of the responsible animal and seek for the compensation.

Usually, such type of cases are settled out of the court if the injury is nominal and the compensation is limited to the medical expenses only but still a good attorney can help you to get the desired claim from the owner easily.